11 week program from mid-September to the end of November, for young men and women.

The Spring Program runs concurrently with the period of “specialization” for Quest Core Plus participants but it is a separate, stand-alone course for students who would like to enjoy the Quest experience, but are not able to participate in the Core Course. The course follows a similar format to the first term of the Core Course, where students are given a basic grounding in the five acumen - Natural, Technical, Physical, Social and Business. There is a strong emphasis on developing physical fitness and personal character. A central theme of Quest is the development of strong character traits - courage, perseverance, patience, tolerance, integrity, sense of humour etc. This is achieved through coaching but also through facing and overcoming a variety of challenges, both individually and as part of a team. Throughout the range of activities we use every opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork abilities involving practical experience in true to life situations.

Throughout the course there is a focus on fitness and character development through a challenging and exciting physical program. Leadership and teamwork is developed though coaching and continual practice in all spheres of Quest life. The life skills training will follow a weekly schedule looking similar to the outline below:

Week 1 – Orientation to Quest routines, physical fitness, and skills training

Week 2 – 5 – Life skills and fitness training in the following modules – Kayaks (K1 and K2 competence) and swimming, horse handling and riding, technical skills, weapons handling and bush craft. During this time the students are exposed to practical livestock management and vegetable production as well as cooking, catering and healthy nutrition. To some extent these areas are interest driven, after the initial exposure to the skills area.

Weeks 6 – 7 - Bush camp experience at Waterkloof, Adelaide, or on a similar Karoo farm – bush craft and camping, farm work, hiking and rock climbing, bush survival challenge.

Weeks 8 – 10 – West Coast trip – option of doing a Sailing Skippers course, or hiking and rock climbing in the Cederberg Mountains (or another Cape Province destination if the Cederberg is not accessible). This trip may also include a “beach” survival experience carried out in the Hermanus area, in cooperation with instructors from Sea and Sand lifeguard training.

Week 11 12 Personal financial management and entrepreneurship, along with personal and inter-personal mastery following the principles of Steven Covey. Depending on time constraints we will also try to include a multi-day physical challenge in the form of an adventure race.

Depending on the size of the group we are usually able to do some customizing of the activities according to the interests and inclinations of the students.

The Spring program students will live with and do some activities with the Core Plus students but most of their skills training is carried out as a separate program.

For more of a sense of the Spring program, please have a look at the video with some highlights from the Spring 2015 program.