Best of Quest Cookbook

One of the highlights of the Quest course is the cooking courses with Sheila, and the boys always ask for these recipes to take with them after their year at Quest. We have compiled the Quest favourites, and this is a work in progress - we would love any input or corrections you notice. We hope these recipes can be used over the years, and the food will bring much joy and good health. 

As Sheila says in the book: "Remember that cooking is about tasting and letting your tastebuds guide you. Look at recipes for inspiration, then see what you have in your kitchen and get going. That’s how you grow to love cooking. Lastly, remember that gratefulness and self-control should always be around when dealing with food. Thank the cook. Thank God. Don’t be greedy. Eat consciously and wisely and it will spill into other areas of your life."

The book below is a small file for downloading and using on a phone, tablet or computer. If you would like a larger file to print, please feel free to email