The owners of Quest Africa Kaba Campus subscribe to a Biblical Christian worldview and derive our morals and ethos for Quest from this framework. We believe that our standing before God, the Creator is based solely on Grace (“undeserved favour”) and every aspect of Quest life should flow from this. Having said that, we do not discriminate against applicants who hold different beliefs, but we expect an understanding of our values. Our attitudes are inclusive rather than exclusive.

Our aim is to train young men and women to become leaders (in colleges, the workplace, in marriage and as parents) – leaders who stand out because they are authentic, courageous, purposeful people, with integrity.

We believe the other cornerstones of true leadership are humility, gratitude, respect, and servant-hood, and we strive to develop these qualities through the Quest experience and active coaching.

We want Questers to learn the unique “Quest Attitude” which is summed up in our motto, “Dare to Live, Dare to Lead.” This can be translated as living life with a bold, positive, resourcefulness, a sense of humour, a zest for life, and a willingness to give, more than to receive.

We enable young people to find their God-given strengths and abilities, to be confident in who they are and to shed weaknesses that will impede success in the future.

We encourage our young people to question popular opinion and to be insightful about our current times. We train them to make wise life choices for the future.

A large part of Quest life means acquiring and practicing new skills and developing acumen in the 5 basic areas:

  • Physical Fitness and Adventure Sports
  • Nature and the Environment
  • Business
  • Technical
  • Social and Spiritual

Quest is also very much about the tremendous camaraderie that develops between young men as they go through this exciting, adventurous and challenging program together. It is about teamwork, leadership and learning to be selfless.

Ultimately, Quest is about attitude and character – it’s about building the foundations of who they are for the rest of their lives. If a young person has been to Quest, he will have discovered and understood the truth in the words of Braveheart - “All men die, but not all men truly live.”

We believe that Quest provides an essential foundation for young people who want to live lives of excitement, adventure and purpose. These are the leaders we need for the future.