A 7 month program from February to August, for young men.

    The 7 month Core Course is a fantastic option for students who are not able to complete the year at Quest due to University enrollment or other commitments. The Core Course is a tried and tested program that is action-packed, challenging and exciting. It has proven to be a life changing experience for many young men. It is all about using skills development in the 5 acumen as a vehicle for developing character, competence and purposeful direction.

    Curriculum Summary

    Technical Acumen

    -    Vehicles and Vehicle Maintenance – mechanical and auto-electrical fundamentals

    -    Welding and Workshop Tools – arc welding, gas welding, and use of various common tools

    -    Building Basics – conventional building fundamentals, laying out, trenching, foundations, brick laying

    -    Electrical Basics – introduction to 220V and 12 V wiring systems, practical installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting

    -    Plumbing Basics – introduction to household plumbing, installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting

    -    Woodwork and carpentry - practical introduction to working with wood and using the basic tools

    Natural Acumen

    Note that some of the items listed below are only covered in any detail by students who take the FGASA training specialization. The exposure to FGASA content by non-FGASA students will be largely interest driven. 

    -    Ecology (FGASA)

    -    Climate and Weather (FGASA)

    -    Astronomy (FGASA)

    -    Geology and Soils – general geology and soil formation, karstic landscapes and soils of The Kaba area (FGASA)

    -    Grasses and Trees – basic plant physiology, grass and tree identification, practical veld management (FGASA)

    -    Introduction to Arthropods, Amphibians, Reptiles, Fish, Birds and Mammals (FGASA)

    -    Introduction to Animal Behaviour (FGASA)

    -    Introduction to Wildlife Management and Game Farm Management

    -    Introduction to Livestock Management and Grazing Management

    -    Hunting – weapons training, hunting ethics, marksmanship, bush craft, trophy selection, skinning, meat preparation, biltong and venison cooking.

    -    Spear-Fishing and Line Fishing

    -    Camping and Hiking 

    -    Practical Vegetable Production – laying out, soil preparation, composting, planting, weed and pest control, mulching

    -    Farming Principles – timing, standards, no wastage, energy and passion

    Physical Acumen

    -    Physical Fitness and Health – understanding fitness development, managing stress and adaptation to build fitness and strength

    -    Training Disciplines – trail running, trekking, kayaking,  gym, circuit training, calisthenics and assault course

    -    Orienteering Challenges and Extended Multi-Discipline Epics

    -    Other Adventure Sports – kayaking, rock climbing, diving, horse riding and mountain biking

    Business Acumen

    -    Entrepreneurship and Business Plans

    -    Financial Literacy, Investing, Wealth Creation versus Debt Creation

    Social Acumen

    -    Principle-Centred Leadership – influence, effectiveness, values

    -    Psychological Assessments for Strengths Profiling and Careers Orientation - group sessions or optional individual sessions with trained psychologist

    -   Public Speaking and Communication Skills – presentations, recitals, speech-making

    -    Cooking

    -    Relationships

    -    What is Manhood?

    -    Personal Development Plan