Personal Questionnaire

This questionnaire is to be completed by applicant in his, or her, own words. Please answer questions briefly but honestly – we want authentic, real people, not superstars!! The only wrong answer is a fake one, and the only correct answer is a true one.

Personal information
Physical Health and Fitness
Use some, or all, of the following guidelines to describe your fitness: ----- A. Time to run 3km (or other time trial distance of more than 1500m) ----- B. Time to run 100m (or other sprint distance of less than 400m) ----- C. Time to swim 1km ----- D. Time to swim 50m ----- E. How many pull-ups can you do? Full extension of arms and up to chin on bar, with over-hand grip. ----- F. How many push-ups can you do in 1 minute? Full extension of arms and down to chest on tennis ball on ground. ----- G. How many sit-ups can you do in 2 minutes? Lower back touching floor on down stroke, knees bent, fingertips touching ears, and elbows touching knees on up stroke.
Self Evaluation
Rate yourself from 1 (low) to 5 (high) for each of the following qualities:
Being honest with strong moral principles
To people or a cause or an institution like a school, a team or a country
The ability to think of others before yourself
The ability to overcome fear
Especially about yourself
The ability to interact easily and positively with people
Can you think and decide on things independently? Or do you tend to think what you are told to think, or what other people want you to think – especially your peers?
Are you real? Or do you tend to act/talk/behave to impress the crowd?
Ability to see what is needed and to make a plan to sort the problem
Ability to understand concepts and learn facts, by listening and / or reading academic information
Ability to understand and master hands-on skills.
There are only 32 places on our course so we want to be sure that we are choosing the right young men. Please write a paragraph telling us why you should be one of the 32 young men we choose.