+ What is the difference between Core and Core Plus?

The Core course involves covering a range of life skills with some, but limited, opportunity to spend more time on particular areas of interest. The Core Plus course includes an extra 2.5 months at the end of the year – September to November – during which time there is more opportunity to specialize in areas of interest. For example, some of the specialization options are given below:

Marine options – sailing, scuba diving, skippering and FGASA Marine (Marine field guiding), spear fishing, surf-ski, sea kayaking, fishing etc. This program involves a fair amount of optional out-sourced training and external certification so there are extra costs depending on the options taken. It can be done without the optional extra courses, but would then be limited to our in-house training and would not allow for recognised certification and would preclude items such as sailing, skippering and SCUBA

Game and livestock management – all in-house training based on our operation here at the Kaba game farm. Boran stud breeding, disease-free buffalo, game breeding and hunting, Holistic grazing management etc Physical fitness and adventure sports – allows for some qualifications in adventure sports e.g. Canoeing SA kayak river proficiency, white water rafting guides licence. Most of the training would be in-house with relatively low cost extras for external certification. The program is developed in conjunction with Graham Carlson, our phys-ed expert who is also involved in the Core course physical program and the rock climbing.

Hunting – we are in the process of getting registered as a professional hunting school. This should certainly be in place by next year, which allows us to certify professional hunters without external assessors involvement. Students would have to write some of the exams when they turn 21 to officially get the PH ticket in this country.

FGASA field guiding – Nature guiding qualification. Most of the training is done in-house but assessments and exams have to be done through FGASA and there are extra costs but very reasonable and it is a good qualification.

In all cases the specialization period involves a common denominator of activities that continue across the board and there can be some mixing and matching between the different areas of specialization. In particular the hunting and FGASA guiding enjoy natural overlap and could possibly be done in conjunction if the student was prepared to work hard and had enough background knowledge, coming into the course.

+ What extra costs might we incur?

It does vary so much according to the options taken. Boys can do this course with total extras costing less than R5000 including pocket money and off-campus accommodation, but if a number of extras are selected it could cost more than R10 000 – SCUBA diving (R2500), Inland waters Skippering (+/- R4000), FGASA guides licence (+/-R3500) are the most expensive extras. The sailing skippering option is the single most expensive optional extra at about R15 000 for the 9 day skipper’s course and certification.

+ Where is the nearest airport?

PE is 1.5 hours away and we arrange for collection from the airport.

+ When are the courses running?

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+ Where is Quest?

Quest Africa’s Eastern Cape campus is situated in the Kaba Conservancy, in the Alexandria district, about 100km north–east of Port Elizabeth. Kaba Farm borders part of the Woody Cape section of Addo Elephant Park.

+ What if I am afraid of participating in some activities such as wildlife guiding or horse riding?

We encourage young men to discovering their strengths and weaknesses and work on the latter. it is sometimes expected of us to go beyond our comfort zone and face some of our fears. It is part of our responsibility to you, to create environments where you could discover more about yourself and to challenge you to do things that you would never have considered doing. Should you however feel strongly about a specific activity, you will not be forced to participate.

+ What about smoking and drinking?

Quest is designed for young adults and you will be treated as such. It is, however, also expected of you to act responsibly and with respect for both your team mates and the programme leader and lecturers.. Should you wish to smoke, that is your choice and you will not be stopped although there will be many times when smoking is not permitted such as during lectures. Drugs and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated and could result in you being asked to leave the programme without remuneration.

+ May I bring my own car?

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+ What certification will I receive at Quest?

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+ Cost of the programme

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